Monday, July 21, 2003

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Yes, well, still in the process of moving. Right now, everything except a few cleaning supplies and trash is out of the apartment and in the house (though far from being unpacked). Computers have been sitting disconnected in what is going to be my office... I've been too busy packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, etc., to even think about hooking them up. So my only access is from work (until Friday-ish, when DSL service is established).

Oh, and if you have the money, I strongly suggest hiring movers if you need to move. It was about $1200 for our two-bedroom apartment, travel time, truck, and a crew of four--and it was worth every penny. Next time, I'll be ├╝ber-rich and have them do the packing and unpacking, too (which will triple the cost, plus they'll be moving a house...). I'll also probably be in my late 80's. :-)

I have spent far too much money at Home Depot, Target, and Sears over the last few days. Though I suppose it's all a drop in the bucket when you consider that we've essentially spent six-figures this month. Ugh. I don't like thinking about that... (Hm... imagine putting a house on a credit card... you could get massive amounts of free gas/airmiles/clothes/...)

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