Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Hm. It's past 2:30 am, and I was in bed up until a few minutes ago. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking, "Those machines [at work] are idle. They could be running useful batch jobs overnight and have the results ready when I get in."

Of course, said jobs didn't start correctly, so I've now spent the last 45 minutes debugging them to get them started, further throwing off my sleep schedule...

Ah, well. I usually look like a zombie at work, anyway. Why should tomorrow be any different? :-P

Thursday, January 2, 2003

Happy New Year!

Well, been awhile since I updated. Anyway...

Went down to Tamara's parents for Christmas and had a pretty good time. Though it was a tad difficult being away from my family. Ah, well. Tam gave me a nice octagonal mirror etched with cats in an oak frame. Also got some books, a Nerf football-ish thing that glows in the dark and has a propellor, a number of DVDs, etc.

Unfortunately, we all got sick. It was either salmonella or a Norwalk-like virus. I was back in Pittsburgh when I came down with it; after taking a bath on Thursday night, I started vomiting and then passed out. Not good. Aside from being dangerous, I made a mess of the bathroom. Recovered by Tuesday-ish.

New Year's was uneventful -- neither Tam nor I are keen on celebrating what amounts to an arbitrary calendar day.

Lots of organisational changes at work today. I still report to the same chain of command, but the other groups either report to a different VP or had managers inserted between the group managers and product teams. Our applications engineering group (customer support) now reports to VP/Finance rather than VP/Sales, which is strange and smells of a "no-confidence" vote against sales.

Got a memo asking me to attend a meeting at 3, called by Glen (my boss' boss, and manager of the electrical group). He wants to know why the physical group asked me to implement a program module a year ago yet still has no plans to actually use it. Bring your marshmallows, kids, because there will be some flames at this meeting...