Friday, July 11, 2003

  1. Find the thousand or so users who list cocaine as an interest and run a Markov babbler on their LJ entries.

  2. ???

  3. Profit!

your Sexual fetish? brought to you but you know that it would make her bleed you wanna talk, about eachother I hid inside my head in either physically or emotionally. Its probably better for a few hours im more of the rentals in this cut - better when I first arrived You said....your friend date your friends When my hair not relaxed every day. 1. of 2 people 1 am.

As my heart tricks my thanks Lets terminate these little projections how they took us to catch her staring at the first thing you d never have to go home, giggle*. To myself But, too bad Oh- hear this... Damon Albarn track :)hehe i decided not to sure i learned. today that he told me that bees cannot bore through the reflection but my cover by being there, and i rented movies-- donnie darko, cecil b I am going to notice?

people gawking, isn't I don't think they like me, at work n play

Closed Friday, Doubled Saturday....long fucking time but that'was dangling down, as the quiet life, a dream as in Oreos) is spelled incorrectly (One of the time. and usually blame yourself Take notice... no sweeping exits or offstage lines

When I go mr strife-you would play it? "from her head explodes... or implodes... whichever is less appropriate than the farmers planted the Delta for a long walk then go to sleep I get my plans I have been absolute shite.

So when we re just the last one I ve got going.

I explained that it s quite creative. amazing how much i think I d really like you. left us speachless.
We enjoyed it wasnt the nice weather. it s an excuse for not giving in, to work at the moment, and how stupid So I can t fucking know. it s probably a great dancer. He went so deep. in love it'how did you know I feel unloved. and filled out lately

Well, today sucks Today, I was going to b put on my back yard + perhaps five of us.

p i D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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