Sunday, September 3, 2006

On Tuesday, my laptop started acting flaky. Well, ok, it's been flaky for awhile, but I just attributed that to Amazon's weird setup. This was flakiness in ways I've never before observed.

And then it bluescreened. Hard. Upon bootup.

I took it down to deskside, the folks who support user computers. They confirmed that the hard drive was toast. "But don't worry, you can have this new laptop."

Insert paniced look on dacut's face here. I mean, shiny new laptop is good, but it doesn't have my files. And I don't back up my files because I currently have nowhere to back them up to in a way that doesn't violation our IT security policy. The one place I can put them -- my desktop -- is perpetually full. Oh, yeah... I'm also lazy.

Thankfully, they managed to recover most of my documents. I don't really care about the rest.

I'm currently working on an interface to S3 that will let me mount a bucket there as a filesystem. If necessity is the mother of invention, panic is the drug which induces labor...

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