Monday, June 28, 2004

Parents came and went. Spent a lot of time working in the garden, which was good. Enjoyed their visit greatly. Introduced them to Loafers, which they loved. My mom took two loaves of the blueberry pineapple with her today.

Next weekend is Pip & Dan and company (Pip = Tamara's sister), and I think Anthony (= Tamara's brother). Then up to Michigan the following weekend, a weekend off, and then a wedding.

In the meantime, everything at work is borked. IT decided to do the transition over to Cadence's network a day early, prompting the NeoCell team to build their hotfix release early, which means that my fixes didn't get picked up and various people are going to be extremely angry. Gerf. [*]

In other news, my transfer to the CAT group is held up in politics. My fate will be decided in a battle of two VPs. Surprise, surprise.

[*] Wonderful word I learned from expressing a vulgar form of disdain in a polite manner (think "sh*t"). I fully intend to incorporate this into my everyday vocabulary.

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