Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Logged ~800 miles over the holiday weekend. Tam and I went down to Roanoke (actually, Radford) Va. for Tam's cousin's wedding. It's pretty there, nice, but definitely the South. Not the Deep South, mind, but I was y'all'ed more times than I can remember.

The WVa/Va line on I-77 is inside a tunnel. They do have a small, almost unnoticeable marker in the tunnel (presumably to prevent accidents from people trying to read a large "Welcome to [W]Va!" sign). I thought that was rather curious. (It's our own redneck version of the Chunnel!)

As backwards as WVa is, at least their turnpike system is on EZPass. Ohio chose a completely incompatible system (ReadyToll), usable only on the Ohio Turnpike. Sheesh.

In other news, Cadence has decided to reneg on its agreements to the former Neolinear employees with regard to our stock options. We were supposed to receive a payment for our stock options on Friday's paycheck. For most people, this is $1000-$2000 (before taxes).

Nobody received this payment.

Queries to the Mergers & Acquisitions people were forwarded to someone in Legal, who basically said too bad, we'll pay them when we feel like paying them (verbatim: "the payment schedule for all former Neolinear optionees is in the process of being completed and signed off by the various departments involved"). It sounds like we will have to sue to get these payments.

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