Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am dead to the Internet

Apparently, the Internet thinks I should be dead, given my current exercise regimen:

Anyway, this is my new standard workout. I've been swimming in Port Orchard Narrows (which, despite the name, is actually a channel/strait, not a port) from Fletcher Landing (short bike ride from my house) down to the tip of Crystal Springs. Google Earth puts it at 1.18 miles. My thermometer puts it at 50°-56°, depending on the day.


Mark Powell said...

David, this looks like a fun swim. I'll join you in a few months, if I make it that far in my swim around the island, a little at a time.

Paul said...


This is a great metaphor for today's real estate market. People with guts and what-else-it-takes (wet suit or lots of bear grease) get in the water and have it all to themselves.