Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't get sick in Oregon

Can anyone confirm this story? I can only find it on Fox News and a few other right-wing blogs; I'm guessing there's more to it, but dang if I can find any additional information on it.

Oregon Offers Terminal Patients Doctor-Assisted Suicide Instead of Medical Care

Since the spread of his prostate cancer, 53-year-old Randy Stroup of Dexter, Ore., has been in a fight for his life. Uninsured and unable to pay for expensive chemotherapy, he applied to Oregon's state-run health plan for help.

Lane Individual Practice Association (LIPA), which administers the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County, responded to Stroup's request with a letter saying the state would not cover Stroup's pricey treatment, but would pay for the cost of physician-assisted suicide.

If true, this is obviously more than a bit chilling.

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