Monday, July 3, 2006

Grr. I have managers up my ass this morning, asking me to help get this nasty bug fixed. We've proven it's a compiler bug; I've shown it can be fixed by updating our compiler from its 1998 vintage to something a tad more recent, like 2002 or 2003 . We're now trying to write code which does nothing, but coaxes the compiler into doing the right thing.

In the meantime, the entire Amazon build infrastructure is conspiring against me.
  • "Your password is about to expire in 37 seconds. Change it on this page -- oops, sorry, we broke that page!"
  • "This host isn't bootstrapped for builds -- oops, sorry, you don't have permission to bootstrap it."
  • "You haven't deployed the build infrastructure to this host -- oops, sorry, our deployment servers aren't responding."
This wouldn't normally annoy me to the point where I'm posting about it except for the aforementioned managers in my ass. I don't really like anything in my ass, thank you, let alone managers.

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