Monday, October 3, 2005

For novelty's sake, I'm posting this from the middle of Puget Sound, aboard the M.V. Wenatchee (ferry). Talk about wireless! (High packet loss, though...)

I finally won one of those free Diet Cokes today. I'm actually a bit bummed -- I had a terrific conspiracy theory going about the 8th floor US2 Coke machine, but now it's ruined. It's a conspiracy to ruin my conspiracy theories!


We're a bit annoyed because we drove+ferried over to Bainbridge (that's $13.30 each way) to sign papers to get a storage place (after Tamara called and confirmed that they'd be waiting for us), only to find them all locked up and closed. Grr. (Normally, I'll be biking+ferrying over and using a monthly pass, which is $70/month rather than $26/day.) I guess we're going to have to go back tomorrow -- but to take a lease with a different place.

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