Saturday, June 25, 2005

Heh... came across a site which wanted information about my company before it would let me browse. I decided to have a little fun...

Kanga International is a consultation group which assists manufacturing companies in solving logistical problems. We specialize in electronics and electromotive markets, both consumer and industrial. Our clients rely on our knowledge and experience in every step of the product lifecycle, from initial concepts to finding ways of getting the product to the customer.

Key facts:
Founded in 2000 by a group of five engineers in the software and chip design industries in the U.S. northeast and Pacific coast regions.

Profitability first achieved in calendar year 2001.

Expanded to 10 consultants in 2002. Revenues reach $700,000.

Continued growth in solving our customer's toughest issues results in "most valued partner" awards from two companies, 2003-2004.

First $1M+ year, 2003.

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