Monday, April 26, 2004

I am definitely a San Diegan.

I've been back for three days now, and I'm much more relaxed. The sun has been nice and bright. A bit warm -- today it was 100°F, but I still find that much more tolerable than 85°F in Pittsburgh thanks to the lack of humidity here.

The wedding was nice. I got to see a lot of people whom I only get to see every few years or so and usually not at the same time. Also ran into someone I hadn't seen since 6th or 7th grade (!). That's ~18 years for those keeping score...

Yesterday I took Tamara to the airport (our vacation times don't quite overlap, so she had to get back to work today) and then wandered down to San Ysidro to explore the border a bit. Didn't actually cross, though; to really see anything in Mexico you need to get away from the border, farther than one can go on foot alone. Taking a car into Mexico is not a trivial matter (I would have had to buy Mexican insurance and, since I was in my parents' somewhat flashy SUV, I decided this wasn't a good idea). I explored Border Field State Park [official site, random visitor's site] a bit; it's nicknamed "California's Ugliest State Park." Actually, I couldn't get into the park itself because the road is closed. So you'll have to be satisfied with the pictures others took.

Then I drove up the Silver Strand to Coronado and across the Coronado Bay Bridge because (a) I had never gone up the Silver Strand, (b) I wanted to go across the Coronado Bridge, and (c) there's no toll going from Coronado to San Diego.

I also bought random computer equipment that my dad wanted/needed, including a scanner/printer combo and a home firewall box. The fact that the firewall box is also a wireless access point, allowing me to type this from my laptop, was, of course, completely incidental.

Did some gardening today, mostly watering plants and the like. No real plans for tomorrow or the rest of the week, but, hey, I didn't come here to make plans.

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