Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well, I'm in my new cube now. I got kicked out of my office (which I shared with two others) and into cubeland. It's not so bad except for the fact that I'm in a fishbowl (my cube entrance opens directly into a hallway).

We don't have normal cubes here -- they're actually walls that go up only 3/4ths of the way. The entrances are too large, though -- that side of the cube is 90% open, increasing the feeling of fishbowl-ness for me. Anyway, since they're normal walls, they tend to get scuffed up (especially if there's a whiteboard on one). I ended up repainting my cube yesterday, and it looks much nicer than it did before (the previous occupants had an annoying habit of leaning on -- with one foot against -- the walls). Ooh, and I have a window now! Not the prettiest view, and I'd prefer that it didn't face west so I could keep the blinds open during the afternoon, but... ... it's a window!

Currently training my manager to not hold "conferences" (mostly vocal arguments with applications engineers) in his cube next door. Heh.

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