Friday, May 30, 2003

Wake up. Get dressed and such. Check e-mail. Nothing interesting.

Ok, gather belongings, head out door. Open car. Observe lack of passenger side window.

Hmm. I'm pretty sure I had a passenger window yesterday. Along with a GPS unit, a few CDs, and change for tollbooths and such. And I'm darn sure I didn't have broken glass all over the floor of my car.

Call insurance. They say so sorry, but won't meet your deductible, we can't help you.

Call police. Dispatcher sends dumb rock in uniform over. Rock asks me for make, model, and serial number of everything. Attempt to explain that I know the title of the CDs, but not the manufacturer, and that CDs don't have a model or serial number. Rock insists that he needs model and serial number for the report.

Go to car wash place, vacuum glass out. Guy stops by, asking me if he can wash my car for me. I point out the glass and such. Guy still insists he can do a really good job.

Stop by Loafers for a sandwich. Clyde and Jen (?) entertain me and cheer me up. Much appreciated.

Call repair shops. Get quotes. Glass place says they can't help me until Monday. But but... ok. Monday's fine.

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